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Sat. Oct 31st 2020
1603 hours - Fire Station 27 for a tanker was dispatched to assist Stations 34 and 37 with a working fire at 57 Lake LN in Pocono Township. 1607 hours - 27-8-1 requested a re-alert for tanker drivers....
Sun. Oct 25th 2020
1617 hours - Fire Station 27 was dispatched to 194 Gap DR for a carbon monoxide alarm.
Fri. Oct 23rd 2020
1436 hours - Fire Stations 43 and 27 with EMS unit 827 were dispatched to 1040 State RD for a possible house fire. Caller passing by reports smoke coming from the soffit. 1445 hours - With 43-9-3 on s...
Sun. Oct 18th 2020
2109 hours - Fire Stations 34 and 27 with EMS unit 925 were dispatched for a reported chimney fire. Residents were evacuating.
Fri. Oct 16th 2020
2055 hours - Fire Station 27 was dispatched to 3829 Foxborough CT for alarms ringing.2100 hours - 27-8-1 on the scene reported nothing showing.2101 hours - Station 27 was returned for dust from constr...
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Sat. Jan 1st 2005
The attached is from the quarterly book that was published in January - March 2005
Call History
MVA with Entrapment
Mon. Aug 24th 2020

1100 hours - Fire Stations 27 and 34 with EMS Unit 925 were dispatched to Wenton LN and Camp Pinemere RD for a truck that took down power lines and are laying on the truck. Driver is stuck inside the truck, no injuries.

1104 hours - Fire Stations 27 and 34 were re-alerted to the call. With 34-92 responding, control was informed to hold off on the re-alert for 27 and to notify PPL to respond.

1252 hours - With PPL shutting the power down to the lines, the driver was able to exit the truck. Verizon and cable were also notified but posed no danger to the driver. The driver was in the safest place till the power was shut down. In the truck. Attempting to exit any vehicle with wires on it could be a deadly move.


2,359 entries in the Call History

2,359 entries in the Call History

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