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Fri. Jan 1st 2021
1911 hours - Fire Stations 34 and 27 with EMS unit 921 were dispatched to I-80 west bound near mile marker 294 for a motor vehicle accident with entrapment. With icy rain falling for the last few hour...
Thu. Dec 31st 2020
0744 hours - Fire Stations 34 and 27 with EMS units 921, 922 and 905 were dispatched to 2055 RT 611 for a motor vehicle accident with entrapment. Two vehicle head on from the caller. Male trapped unde...
Wed. Dec 30th 2020
1046 hours - Fire Stations 27 nd 34 were dispatched to 301 North RD for a motor vehicle accident. Car struck a pole. Pole and wires down.
Tue. Dec 29th 2020
1202 hours - Fire Stations 27 and 34 were dispatched to the area of 1829 RT 715 for smoke coming from across the lake.1213 hours - All units were returned for smoke from an outside furnace.
Sun. Dec 27th 2020
0241 hours - Fire Station 27 was dispatched to 2498 Mountain RD for a carbon monoxide alarm.
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Sat. Jan 1st 2005
The attached is from the quarterly book that was published in January - March 2005
Call History
Sat. Sep 26th 2020

1933 hours - Fire Station 27 was dispatched to Big Pocono State Park at the top off Camelback RD. Four hikers were hiking the trail but have become lost and unable to find their way back to the resort. They can see the resort in the distance. At first the hikers didn't want fire to respond, then called 9-1-1 back to request fire assist them. Hikers are still walking around the woods and speaking with the 9-1-1 operator who is triangulating their location. No injuries at this time, they are just off the trail.

1941 hours - 27-7 on scene, command post will be the game lands, security needed to open gates for access. 

2010 hours - Command was moved to Lot 4. Hikers are still on the move and have been instructed to stop. Let 9-1-1 get a location and rescuers find them. As four firefighters were now headed down the trail the hikers believe they are on. Another group of firefighters were standing by as a back up team. 

2028 hours - 27-7 / Command requested Station 34 be dispatched to assist in the search and with lighting. EMS was also requested for a standby.

2054 hours - 27-9-2 radioed that all four hikers had been located. No injuries and they were all headed back out now.

2110 hours - 27-7 / Command reported all hikers and firefighters were out of the woods. 





2,400 entries in the Call History

2,400 entries in the Call History

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