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Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company
Call Break Down For 2016
Revised December 31, 2016

Call TypesJanFebMarAprilMayJuneJulyAugSeptOctNovDecTotals
27-7 or Officer in Charger111216
Automatic Fire Alarms542164463439
Auxiliary (see note below)112
Brush Fires33211212
CO Alarms1113
Details (Fireworks, standbys)11
Dwelling Fires21111123214
EMS Assist411113212218
Fire Police134
Gas / Propane Leak11
Medevac Landings112
MVA’S w / Flight112
Odor Investigation1113
Other / Unknown11114
Pump Out Basements
Search & Rescue
Smoke Investigation11
Structure Fires111115
Trees / Poles / Wires Down11112118
Vehicle Fires11111117
Water Rescue11
Chestnuthill Twp Assist – Station 43121411113419
Hamilton Twp Assist – Station 232114
Pocono Twp Assist – Station 3442524875114144
Paradise Twp Assist – Station 32
Polk Twp Assist – Station 35
Pocono Mtn. Assist – Station 32
Pocono Summit Assist – Station 3311
Ross Twp Assist – Station 2311
Eldred Twp Assist – Station 2811
North Hampton County

*** The Auxiliary numbers are not included in the totals as they are usually dispatched to scenes were the fire company is

already operating at. However they play a vital role in supporting the firefighters and any other emergency personnel on scene.

Incoming Mutual Aid to
Jackson Township Volunteer Fire Company
Revised December 31, 2016


Mutual Aid CompaniesJanFebMarAprilMayJuneJulyAugSeptOctNovDecTotals
Chestnuthill Twp Assist – Station 431121218
Hamilton Twp Assist – Station 23125212316
Pocono Twp Assist – Station 344323212136633
Paradise Twp Assist – Station 32
Polk Twp Assist – Station 35
Pocono Mtn. Assist – Station 32
Ross Twp Assist – Station 23
Stroudsburg Fire Department – Station 3811
Eldred Twp Assist – Station 28
North Hampton County